SyncNET, a program to help the mobile user. 

As a very mobile indivduial I have been having trouble keeping files in sync with one and other and I would end up sending out the wrong document or upload the wrong file.  I do not wanted to implement a large solution such as CVS or source safe, but rather would like to use briefcase...

Problem: Briefcase is Windows only... I need a program that will cross OS platforms

Answer: Create an application in .NET that will be similar to briefcase, only platform independant.

The application will allow a user to setup which files need to be sync and to which machines, the client will keep track of where the files are stored locally.  There is no merging aspect... just updating with newest.  To start it will sync files between two Microsoft Windows systems, and then move to creating a Red Hat client.  With automatic detection and auto sync, all files can be updated by just hooking your machine into a network.